Watch, the newest platform in Facebook for shows and videos

Facebook has introduced their newest feature: Watch. It is the newest platform for shows in the most famous social networking site, Facebook. This new feature will be available on mobile, desktops, laptops, and in TV apps. The shows that will be utilized or featured in the said feature are made up of episodes, live or recorded videos, and it follows a theme or storyline. The reason for this feature is to help you keep up with the shows you follow. You will not then need to watch it on other websites, thus giving you the convenience you need.

Watch has its Watchlist feature for you to not miss out on the latest episodes of your favorite series. Watch is tailored and personalized for viewers find out new shows that your Facebook friends or the community you are into are watching.

Watch has given Facebook a new home for original video content created exclusively designed for it by their partners, who will consequently earn 55 percent of ad break revenue then the other 45 percent will be kept by Facebook.

Watch has a tailored recommendation of live and recorded videos for you to watch; it also added categories like “Most Talked About,” “What’s Making People Laugh,” etc. Facebook Users that publish videos can also share their videos to the News Feed for other people to discover them. It also lets you subscribe to new updates on the newest episodes of your favorite shows or TV series. The video creator and its fans can connect with each other through the Watch’s new feature which links shows and videos to Facebook Groups.

Facebook states it plans to roll out access to Watch to new users and more content creators soon, beginning with the rest of the U.S. before expanding internationally. Facebook users with access will see a television-shaped Watch button in the bottom of the navigation bar of Facebook (main app) that opens the new video hub.

In April 2016, Facebook first initiated its very own video tab, but it only hosted the common videos posted in News Feed that users were already seeing from Pages, Groups, and Friends. Facebook has now become the business of funding unique content, primarily through direct expenses, however, it seeks to change entirely to a

Facebook’s gain is that Watch is a cross-platform, allowing its users to view videos from all types of devices, while also being a daily destination for Facebook users that are at approximately 1.32 billion. It’s already growing to be a powerhouse in surprising video discovery by the News Feed, and Watch will surely provide enough suggestions to get people captivated on shows o0r videos they weren’t expecting.

However, there are already plenty of reasons to visit Facebook; original videos or shows provide people another reason to waste long time just staring at their screens. If it can coerce enough viewers, Facebook could offer a large amount of revenue-share payouts, attracting better and better content creators.

Facebook has been trying to be dominant in the whole internet for years now. With Watch and the shows and videos that can be displayed, it’s breaking out of the web to challenge traditional television, which is seeing viewership slide. As ad expenses follow eyeballs from television to the web, Watch could give Facebook a means to get more attention and profit.

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