WhatsApp announces free Business app, will charge big enterprises

WhatsApp is a messaging platform owned by Facebook.  Three years ago Facebook bought the WhatsApp messaging service for about $22 billion. Today Facebook wants to earn money using WhatsApp.

WhatsApp wants to earn revenue by offering large enterprise a business tools for them to communicate with their customers easily. WhatsApp will offer small and medium sized business a free application, although they did not mention its detailed functionality. The main purpose of the application is to permit large-scale companies to offer their customer a helpful notification like confirmations regarding their delivery, flight times and other business updates.

According to WhatsApp Chief Operating Officer, WhatsApp are planning to charge business in the future but for now they still not yet figure out on how to earn revenue from them.

The company wants also to make shopkeepers or even someone who is organizing an order in a shop who is using WhatsApp to keep on connecting with thousands of customer by simply using one smart phone and offers way to answer messages easily.

Probably in the future, WhatsApp will charge enterprises such as e-commerce websites, bank and airlines to manage their multiple representatives’ accounts and will have ability to send a large amount of messages. WhatsApp will also have an artificial intelligence for e-commerce business and functionality.

WhatsApp announced that the purpose of their feasibility study for verifying accounts with green checkmark is to determine if their accounts are fake or personal.

Few weeks ago, WhatsApp started to verify business accounts. The conversations being made in every business can be encrypted and blocked. One of the interesting parts is that, if you did not save the contact number of the business you can still easily search for them by simply typing their business name. This feature allows WhatsApp to build a search engine for every business with optional results and it will let them message people about their company however this feature is not free of charge.

On the other hand, businesses that are using WhatsApp they need to contact first the user so that they can officially respond to their messages, just like the Facebook messenger.

WhatsApp confirmed that businesses could only contact customer if they provide their contact number and if they agreed that they will be contacted using WhatsApp.

According to WhatsApp the business tool is free of charge in the beginning but they are planning to charge every business that will be using this tool. The business tool has the ability to generate and verify information such as description, address, and working hours, manage customer messages if the business can’t respond right away and other business information.

If you are familiar with the news few years ago, according to Facebook they will not going to put advertisement on the WhatsApp since it will lower down the experience. Though, the cost of annual subscription cast off by $1 that leads in having lower revenue. The beginning of sponsored messages and display advertisement in the Facebook Messenger could be possibly the sign for WhatsApp approach to loosen up against advertisements.