The WhatsApp will Banned Users who are under 16 in Europe

If you are living in Europe right now and have family members who are using WhatsApp, there will be a change about that. Why? There will be changes which are in terms of the age limit. It will be raising the minimum age from 13 to 16. In order to know more, continue reading below.

The New Age Limit of WhatsApp

Starting on May 25, the WhatsApp which is an encrypted messaging service will have a new policy. The WhatsApp which is owned by the Facebook will ask the users from Europe to confirm if they are at least 16 years old before they agree to the privacy policy and new terms of service. They are doing this changes in order to meet the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR protections.

Several companies have already started to notify their users to inform them about change in their policies. The company of Facebook, Instagram, Linked, Twitter and other companies have already started in notifying their users. The example of the new change is the age limit wherein Europe the age limit is 16 while outside of Europe is 15. To WhatsApp though, the new policy is very unclear on how it will be enforced given the limited data held and requested by the service.

The Facebook approach though is different to teens who are between 13- 15 to comply the GDPR law. They will ask them to nominate a parent or a guardian to give permission to teens on sharing information on the platform. If not, they will see a more generic version of Facebook which is not customizable.

But the WhatsApp is not asking for any new rights to collect personal information in agreement they have created for the European Union. What their goal is to simply explain how they use and protect the limited information they have for the users.

The WhatsApp has come under pressure in recent years from the European governments because of its plan to share more data on Facebook. The Facebook itself is under scrutiny from the lawmakers and regulators because the personal information of millions of users is wrongly ended up in the hands of a political consultancy. Therefore, it sets off a wider concern about how the Facebook handles the user data.

The still wanted to share the data at some point. They stated that they want to work more closely with other Facebook companies in the future and they will keep the users updated as they develop their plans.

There are other changes they also announced such as allowing the users to download a report that detailing the data it holds on them like a model and makes of the device they use, blocked numbers and their contacts and groups. They stated that the feature will be rolling out around the world on their newest version of the app.


The new policy is really needed right now to make sure that the teens are nor irresponsible in using some apps. Their parents or guardians will have the power to give permission to the teens or child. They will know if the teens will be responsible for using messaging or social media apps. It is a good concept but there is an unclear move. The question is how they will enforce the age limit. We will know about that after the new policy that will apply on May 25.