Wheelchair Accessible Routes to Be Found In Google Maps

Haven’t you heard? Google Maps added wheelchair accessible routes in their application. Thursday, March 15, 2018, when Google announced that google maps now adds a wheelchair accessible information to their app to make the transportation experience of everyone more convenient. Google always helps when we ask for it, that’s why the year 2016 when Google Maps started to put accessibility guidelines in their application with the initiative of Rio Akasaka. Akasaka is a Google product manager who gathered accessibility information within a year and made it as a foundation of Google Maps’ newly added feature.

Google is a powerhouse of information, and to maintain that reputation the company needed to gather lots of data from everything under the sun. As a matter of fact, Google asked questions to people about specific activities they recently joined. They have also asked about the places they went and if that place is accessible by wheelchair or not. People’s feedback made a great contribution to the new feature of Google Maps.

Speaking of contribution, Google also encourages people to contribute to making the application better through letting the users add accessibility details of the places they went to the Google Search and Maps. To do that, the user only needs to open Google Maps main menu, tap the “Your contributions” then select “Uncover missing info”. The next thing they need to do is to sort the searches by “Accessibility” enable for them to find the places near them that have a missing information. Their contributions can also be added from different categories too.

On the other hand, to use the newly added feature of Google Maps. The users can find it either on Google Maps or through Search tool and select the business listing. Just tap the two-line description and select the accessibility section. To know if the place is wheelchair accessible or not, just look for the symbol next to it.

The wheelchair accessibility feature of Google Maps is now making a big impact on the everyday transportation of people around the globe. The improvement of Google Maps won’t stop there though because the know it all company is planning to add more wheelchair accessible routes on their application in collaboration with different transit companies around the globe. It is refreshing to know that this feature will benefit people with mobility disabilities and make their transportation experience more comfortable. I hope that more kind of this application will arise.