Windows Phone Corpse is Double Killed by Microsoft


Many are saying that the ambition of the Microsoft on a smartphone might be possibly over. New news and the Microsoft’s own announcement possibly means double killing their own phones.

The Announcement

The announcement of the Microsoft in a blog post is all about warning the users of the Windows Phone 7.5 and 8.0 that their phone will not receive any Mobile Push Notification because it will be turned off. Once the notification is turned off, the following will happen:

  • Of course, the phone will no longer be able to receive new notifications.
  • The phone will no longer able to receive new and additional updates of live tiles.
  • The “Find my Phone” function will be not working anymore and that means the users are not able to locate their phone anymore.

According to the statement of Microsoft, the reason of their announcement is that both the 7.5 and 8.0 have already reached the end of their support dates and because of that the services for phones version will be discontinued.

Well, the problem does not really affect a massive amount of users. The 7.5 was released around the year of 2011, while the 8.0 was released around the year 2012. Because there are more popular smartphones that time, the users of these phones are not that big so in the present. Because of this new announcement in regards to Phone 7.5 and 8.0, many fans of them are expected and urges them to move on.

The Exemptions

Not all the phones of the Microsoft will stop receiving the Mobile Push Notifications. The newer versions are the exceptions. If you are a user of the more up to date Windows Phone 8.1, your phone will still work with the notification services along the with the Windows 10.

What more disappointing is that the Microsoft also announced that the Windows Phone 10 is no longer be able to receive new major feature updates. The users will expect that the 10 version will have still the current feature but security patches, bugs fixing and minor improvements is what they can only expect. New hardware and major features are really not the current focus according to the Microsoft.

The Rumor

Although the phones are quite disappointing, there are rumors about Microsoft foldable Surface Phones. It is like a phone with two screens with a hinge that will sit comfortably in a hand.

The Microsoft gives an explanation why they have an idea about a foldable phone. They state that there are phones out there that really have big screens but there is a possibility that they can only have a minor improvement. The Microsoft believes that a big screen makes a user satisfied and a phone with two screens is considered to be a phone with big screen.

An increase in screen means an increase in phone’s size which may not be desirable. What the user wants is a smartphone which that fit comfortably on a hand and will fit in either on shirt or pants pockets. By having a two-screen phone, the desire of a smartphone user is answered. That is what the Microsoft think.

It is still a rumor but by developing and launching this type of phone, the Microsoft may rise from what they are right now.


Can we say goodbye to Windows Phone already? Maybe. Although the other product and Microsoft is good, we can say that their phone might possibly the exception. The current announcements and news of Microsoft about these phones are quietly very disappointing. As a fan of a smartphone, a phone without updates and newer features is a big no-no. Many smartphone users have their eyes for an iPhone or an Android and that means that the phones produced by the Microsoft may not be in lead and that means they have to work harder. But the future of the Microsoft Phone is either be a major failure or maybe there is still hope for a major improvement.