Xiaomi Put its Mi Calculator on the Google Play Store

Google Play Store is an online place where manufacturers and developers can upload their newly invented apps. After uploading the application in the Play Store, user can download the uploaded apps for free or sometimes there is some application that requires payment. One of the companies who recently post their latest application is the Xiaomi.

Last August 31, Xiaomi Mi software and company Mi’s calculator can be downloaded directly from Google Play Store and it is applicable in any device with an Android version of 4.1 or higher.

The calculator has a function that is not available in other type of calculators that can be found in Play Store. With Mi calculator, user will have the opportunity to perform all kinds of calculations from one interface and application.

The Mi calculator interface is very responsive and concise that would able for the users to do their Math calculation quickly without any destruction.

Aside from performing basic calculations such as division, addition, subtraction and multiplication, Mi Calculator is a scientific calculator, which enables the user to calculate more difficult logarithms, trigonometric functions and other type of difficult calculations.

Mi Calculator also includes a history for the users who calculate long strings easier and if by chance they forget what they are doing they can easily double check the calculation they previously made.

This Mi calculator can also calculate user’s mortgage, in which it helps the user to easily figure out the exact amount of their next payment.  In addition to its features, Mi Calculator would be able to help users who are looking for a converter that converts easily converts different metrics such as area, volume, speed, mass and time.

Mi Calculator is also capable of receiving universal currency converter daily updates. This lessens the effort of getting an exact, up to date rate exchange that allows the user to make calculations on currency rate from the single app with assurance and 100 percent correctness.

You can choose different types of calculator apps from Play Store and most of them have a similar functionality just like the Xiaomi’s software has. On the other hand, the user friendliness, clean interface and wide variety of functionalities make Mi Calculator the best among the others.

The releasing of Mi Calculator is a sign that there is a possibility in the future, that Xiaomi Company will include more Mi Apps in the Play Store. Mi Cloud, Mi compass and Mi Caller are some apps that is available in Xiaomi device.